Saturday, February 6, 2016

Las Vegas.....Here we come!

Last week I traveled to California to visit my daughter and attend the Las Vegas World Market   Center.  There are three buildings just filled with wonderful products and two Pavilions with temporary vendors selling their wares.  It took five days to try to see as much as we could, sadly we missed a lot.

We drove about 4 hours from Los Angeles, through mostly dessert to Las Vegas.  
So strange to see miles and miles of barren land and hills without any greenery. 

                                     The sky was simply breathtaking.  

 Just sand.....lots and lots of sand!  It was so beautiful yet so very different from New England.  
I kept asking myself if I thought I could live there?    

How wonderful it was to be with Erin and just having 
Mom & daughter time. 
 I don't think we "shut up" for one moment.  
Wait until you see our hotel room!  Ooo La La!!!  
It was tres chic!
I'll post those photos tomorrow.  

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