Thursday, December 25, 2014

It's Christmas  Morning

Christmas has arrived.  It’s about 10am and all is quiet here at my house.  The children are grown and the cries of  “Has Santa come?”  are no longer.  I miss those days and the screams of joy as wrapped gifts were torn open.  Wrapping paper would be scattered everywhere and the cats would play in the piles of gift wrap and chase wrapping paper balls throughout the living room.  Today, memories fill me with happiness as I patiently wait for everyone to wake up and begin Christmas Day with me.  
Erin and Ben are here for the holidays from California and staying with us.  That is their home now.  Robert has his own place too.  It’s just Bob and I and our two cats in our house filled with wonderful memories.  

Ahhh, Robert has arrived, Ben and Bob are awake, it’s only Erin who remains in bed.  It’s time to begin……..

Wishing you a Christmas Day filled with beautiful memories!