Saturday, August 21, 2010

Whatever happened to Colleen & Erin?

Have you visited our blog over the past 7 months and thought, "What in the world is going on with those Perry girls?" "You know, the ones who own BRISSONTE'?"

Do you have a moment? Well, actually several moments? This may take awhile......

December 2009, my Erin decided it was time to spread her wings and follow her dream to create her art. So off to sunny California she flew. It's been over 7 months, and I miss her more than words can express BUT this was so right for her and it was time for ME to spread my wings.

So I looked for the job of my dreams. And I got it! My boss was great, but sitting behind a desk all day, learning the protocol (it was a really hard job to learn) and staring at the computer all day was draining me of me. All of you will understand. I was no longer creating or sewing. Reading my favorite decorating magazines was a thing of the past. I was afraid to be inspired, for I knew how sad I would be when I could not act on my dreams. For 7 months I worked 7 days a week; 5 days at the office and weekends at the shop. My poor husband was so tired of hearing me whine.

So we sat down, weighed our options, (truly I have the best husband in the world) searched for a new location to move the shop to and EUREKA, it was right under my nose. I had been driving by it 5 days a week to and from work. So I gave notice at my job. (My boss really is a super great guy and I felt perfectly awful saying, "I'm resigning".) I've been one week unemployed today and I know I made the right decision. The minute the words, "I'm resigning", left my mouth, out came the magazines and decor books and the inspiration started flowing. I was free!

Free to close the existing shop, free to move to our beautiful new location, free to move and set up my new studio, free to start the creative process and open the doors to my lovely new shop. So BRISSONTE' in Lawrence, MA will officially close Friday this week, move to North Reading, MA and re-open in mid September. Oh, there is sooooo much to do, and I am sooooo happy to be doing it. My dear husband took 2 weeks vacation to work with me on this. He drives back and forth from shop to shop loading and unloading. He is my Prince. (Every now and then his crown gets a little crooked but then mine does too.)

So please join me on this journey of self-discovery. I will share the ups and downs of moving 1,600 sq. ft. of stock to a new location, of learning who I am in this beautiful world God has shared with me, of having an empty nest for the first time, and of taking a leap of faith in God's plan for me in pursuing my heart desire.