Saturday, February 28, 2009

For thy weary head...Pillows!

It's hard to believe that it has been so long since our last blog update. Does anyone know what happened to February? Unfortunately for us, we have been trading illnesses for most of the month, which is one of the reasons we have been mia. Apologies! We are so touched by all of you welcoming us so warmly to the blog world. Thank you!

I have a “thing” for pillows. At home each sofa has its very own assortment bought or created by me expressly for it. Needlepoint is a favorite and I have collected numerous finished vintage needlepoint canvases just waiting to be fashioned into beautiful pillows. Then there are those opulent silk pillows that beckon....relax with me and don’t forget your book. Let’s not forget those new fabrics made to be oh so soft. Those pillows beguile you to rest your head for a moment. "Zzzzzzz....", excuse me, was that me snoring??? Since I cannot get enough pillows, we decided to create them for the shop. Enjoy these photos of our beautiful new pillows designed exclusively for Brissonte’.

I am in love...IN LOVE...with this pillow. For a while now, making pillows out of vintage feed sacks has been all the rage, and I must admit I love the look. So last summer I went crazy locating as many vintage feed sacks as I could find (a task much more difficult than I expected it to be). After much searching we finally amassed a small collection that we are now making into pillows and handbags. So chic! $79.00

Here at Brissonte' we are currently obsessed with brown and blue. Love this color palette!

These pillows have a lovely sheen to them. Anything shiny and sparkly is good in my book.

This color scheme is so French Country.

This vintage cross-stitch was too lovely to let fade into obscurity. Now it finds new life as a pillow. Rescuing and up-cycling vintage items is one of our favorite things to do. $49.00.

~Colleen & Erin

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Extra-ordinary Pincushions

Pincushions! I have never met a pincushion I did not long to pick up and examine and think about purchasing. The more unique the cushion, the more attracted I am. I have several books about them on the bookshelf too. Recently I went through a bag of orphaned china pieces thinking I would create something really cool. So there I am staring into the bag, and my brain is perking, the smell of coffee is in the air, and eureka! Those poor orphaned teacups, creamers, sugar bowls, and planters have found new service as Pincushions. Each one is unique. All are decorated with handmade ribbon flowers, trimmed with vintage beads or charms and individually decorated. Wow, don’t you just love them? Please let me know what you think!


This pincushion is available for purchase at our etsy shop:

This pincushion is available for purchase at our etsy shop:

This pincushion is available for purchase at our etsy shop:

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Moments that bring joy to your soul....

It's snowing out today here in Massachusetts....again. It's February, which means that the moment I hear the word "snow" my face immediately scrunches in displeasure. Gone is the wonder and beauty of our white christmas, and all that seems to remain is ice, slush, and sand. The snow banks on the side of our driveway are already taller than my 5'6", and the driveway itself is covered in a 2 inch layer of ice from a previous storm. Shoveling at the Perry household is now a circus act, clowns included, and we're considering taking it on the road. Might as well make some money if we're going to be breaking ankles.

In spite of all of the cold, gloom, and cabin fever, there is an undeniable beauty to winter. I love the stillness that envelopes the world in the midst of a storm. Outside my window the snow falls quietly, no people, cars, or animals to disturb the peace, and everything feels so serene. These are moments of reflection and prayer. Looking out at the cold, I can't help but feel thankful for my warm home.

I am thankful for our neighbor, who saw us struggling and rushed over to rescue us with her kindness and giant snow-blower. Without her help, I fear we might still be out there, shoveling away. I am thankful for our two beautiful cats, who love us unconditionally and never cease to drive us crazy meowing for attention when we get home from work. And I am thankful for all of the truly beautiful people in this world that never cease to inspire me to be a better person. Several days ago my mother and I were leaving our favorite McDonalds and saw the scene pictured below: an employee carefully leading two elderly ladies over the ice in the parking lot. Truly beautiful.