Sunday, August 7, 2011

Beautiful Flowers Romancing My Soul

I have an "on again, off again" romance with my blog. I take pictures and never post them. I log in and stare at the page. I rehearse what I want to talk about and then never write a word. Of course all this leads to my closing the page and off I go in another direction. Only to return in a few weeks to repeat the frustrating process over and over again.

Truly, I write postings to you everyday.... in my mind that is. Instead of fretting about what to write about, I will just relax and whatever is beautiful, whatever is lovely, whatever touches my soul, that is what I will write about. Today my soul was touched by flowers.

My yard is brimming with beautiful flowers. Each one was calling my name today.

"Colleen, take a picture of me."
"No, take one of me!"
"Quiet" I said, "I will take one of each of you."

And so I did ~

1 comment:

Erin C. Perry said...

Beautiful flowers! I long to paint them. They are so delicate and fragile. Exquisite =)
Thanks for sharing these!