Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lady Primrose Fragrances have arrived!

"What is that Lovely fragrance you're wearing?" she asked her friend. "Oh, thank you," she replied, "It's called Tryst Noir and I purchased it at Brissonte."

Lady Primrose Bath & Body has arrived.....

We have four beautiful fragrances: Tryst Pink, Tryst Noir, Royal Extract and Celadon. Each one is available in body lotion, body cream, bath gel and silk dusting powder. The bottles are simply exquisite and, when placed in your Bathroom or Boudoir, so glamorous.

Treat yourself to a new fragrance today!

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Anonymous said...

I bought a sample size of the Lady Primrose Tryst Noir and it is absolutely fantastic! Although, I'm torn between that scent and the Celadon scent. Both are great. But, even better are the soaps Brissonte recently got in from France. What a luxury! And, the absolute best is Pre de Provence Dry Skin Hand Cream in the 'Natural' scent. If your hands are dry and cracked from the crazy winter we've had, this is what you want. You're hands will immediately feel better. Great store. You gotta get there!