Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mon Amour

Valentine's Day is right around the does time fly by so quickly? When running a retail business, it's so important to be on top of these things, and yet I consistantly feel as if I am caught in a vicious game of catch-up. I haven't quite gotten used to 2009 just yet.

But with every new season comes new stock for the store, which fills me with childish delight. I love finding new lines and products, as well as vintage bits and bobs and various antique furniture and accessories, with which to decorate our 1600 sq. ft mill space. Not always an easy feat, I admit, but I enjoy the hunt more than anything else.

So I thought I'd share some of our Valentine's Day picks. For information on how to purchase any of the products seen here, please visit the website (updates and online shop coming soon, I promise!) for our contact information or email us at Please enjoy!

Our Valentine's Day display at Brissonte.

Handmade hanging heart pillows decorated with ribbon roses and other bits and bobs. Made at our on-site studio and available only at Brissonte!

This lovely heart pillow is available at our etsy shop:

I am in love with this!

All Seasons Festooning....addicting!

Adorable little treat boxes make perfect gifts.



cityfarmer said...

how have I missed you all this time??

Retail runns in my blood, but now I create rather than sell, ha

You might enjoy my latest worshop wonder for your retail shop.

let's chat

Fete et Fleur said...

What a wonderful blog! And you two must be having a blast doing this together! Your shoppes are wonderful. I will have fun perusing your website. Thank you so much for your visit!


Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Hi Collen and Erin,
Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Welcome to Blog Land... it's very addicting and there are so, so many supportive people out here!

How fun that you're able to live your dream together. I would love to have 1600 sq ft of brick & mortar to decorate. I'm off to take a look at your shoppe and get acquainted with your style.

Make sure you visit my "Petite Shop Blog" if you get a chance as well... it's where all things (well almost all) are francais!

Chat soon!

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

I can hear your teeth chattering. Thank you for visiting my Reverie. Thinking warm breezes your way and smooth going with the computer! I'm going to put you on reader so I know when you update ;)

Happy Night & Happy Weekend!